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How to Stop Drinking (or at least moderate your drinking) : 6 Tips That Can Really Help

Socialising has become a synonym for drinking. We often mistake having a good time with having a drink. How many times has a friend suggested catching up “and having a drink”? It can be difficult to separate ‘meeting up’ with a friend’ to ‘having a drink or two’ But things are changing. As we grow more aware of what alcohol does to our mind, body, and soul, more people are turning down the booze, or moderating their consumption.

As much as it’s cliche to say, it’s a journey. Here are some tips to help you along the way…

1. Discover a new hobby – or take up again a previous one

Part of the reluctance to giving up alcohol is the association of being sober as being boring. Alcohol is even often used to cope with boredom. But really, what’s more boring than not being able to have fun unless drunk?! Discovering or rediscovering a hobby is a great way of helping you relax, curb your cravi