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How to Stop Drinking (or at least moderate your drinking) : 6 Tips That Can Really Help

Socialising has become a synonym for drinking. We often mistake having a good time with having a drink. How many times has a friend suggested catching up “and having a drink”? It can be difficult to separate ‘meeting up’ with a friend’ to ‘having a drink or two’ But things are changing. As we grow more aware of what alcohol does to our mind, body, and soul, more people are turning down the booze, or moderating their consumption.

As much as it’s cliche to say, it’s a journey. Here are some tips to help you along the way…

1. Discover a new hobby – or take up again a previous one

Part of the reluctance to giving up alcohol is the association of being sober as being boring. Alcohol is even often used to cope with boredom. But really, what’s more boring than not being able to have fun unless drunk?! Discovering or rediscovering a hobby is a great way of helping you relax, curb your craving for a drink, and feel more like you.

2. Put it in writing

Journaling is a really useful way of keeping track of your thoughts, feelings, and motivations in any scenario. When quitting alcohol, you might find yourself tempted or frustrated by people around you who do drink and seem like they’re having a great time. Putting this into writing will help track those feelings and explore what it is that you find most difficult. You’ll get to understand your alcohol use more which ultimately will aid you on the *brace yourself for cringe* journey.

Writing a list of reasons for wanting to quit (or reduce your intake) in your journal will also be a useful motivation to refer back to when it’s 5.30pm on a Friday and all you want is a drink.

3. Download a sobriety app

If you’re completely cutting out alcohol and want to stay on top of how you many days you’ve done, sober apps are a godsend. They’re such an easy way to keep track of your progress and keep you motivated!

The top-rated app, ‘I Am Sober’ has so many benefits:

  • It’s private. You need a code to access the app.

  • It keeps track of how much money you’ve saved by not drinking!

  • It helps you set milestones that are achievable.

  • There’s a great community to be part of

  • Every morning, the app will send you motivational quotes to keep you going.

4. Talk to your family and friends

Opening up to loved ones about your relationship with alcohol can be incredibly freeing. Talking to these people can also be a great support system while boosting your motivation. This also means that, next time you’re down the pub nursing your alcohol-free drink, you won’t need to answer the (unfortunately, inevitable) questions about why you’re not drinking.

If you are around people that don’t know you’re not drinking and they ask why, it can help to have a response at the ready. Obviously, you’re not obligated to tell them anything, especially not the ins and outs. But, if you want to, a simple response such as “I’ve realised that I don’t like how alcohol makes me feel” should be enough to satisfy those nosey people!

5. Embrace non-alcoholic drinks

For many people, there’s something therapeutic about cracking open a cold drink. The performance of it can be as soothing as the drink itself. It symbolises the point at which you can start to relax, and without that action people crave the ‘relief’ that comes with the real thing. Whether it’s ‘Nosecco’, an alcohol-free beer, or an alcohol-free cocktail, you can get the satisfaction of a drink without the downsides such as the horrendous head, dodgy stomach, , hangxiety, unneeded calories, waste of money, and so on…

6. Reclaim your weekends

There are many benefits to giving up alcohol including: you sleep better, lose weight, have more money, improve your relationships, feel more relaxed, and have clearer skin. Arguably, however, the most important benefit is time. Time is something you can never get back but it is something you can reclaim. Time spent watching drivel on the sofa, eating a Domino’s with a horrific hangover - is that really time well spent?

Reclaim your weekends by using the time that you would’ve spent on the sofa by doing something that’s good for you. It could be a run, a long walk, an outing with the kids, or meeting a friend for breakfast. By making the most of it, you’ll quickly realise that you’re not missing out by quitting drinking, but by drinking you are missing out.

At Mavrik, we believe that choosing to put down the alcohol is a powerful choice. Whether you’re cutting down, or cutting it out, you’re making healthy decisions that will positively impact your life. We also think that alcohol-free alternatives to everyone’s favourite cocktails were shockingly sparse…until we came along, anyway! Check out our range of delicious alcohol-free cocktails.

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