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Lockdown Leads To Growth in Non Alcoholic Drinks Consumption

Who’d have thought that when left to our own devices more of us than ever are choosing to drink low alcohol or non alcoholic drinks rather than their boozy alternatives, and it’s led by one group of people in particular.

It was good to hear from the research team at Lumina Intelligence that the much talked about 'Millennials' (in other words, today’s 25-40 year olds) have reduced their alcohol consumption during the latest lockdowns. It's been reported that 46% of millennials are openly admitting to consuming less alcohol than before.

It’s predicted that Gen Z are taking this one step further. Nicknamed the Generation of Sobriety - those who have ‘come of age’ during the pandemic are swapping nights out for nights in with board game marathons and opting for juice crawls and silent discos for other forms of entertainment. In total it’s estimated that 23% of 18-24 year olds are teetotal.

Why are young people choosing to drink less alcohol?

1. Physical health

The growing health and wellness movement means young people are much more concerned with their health than previous generations. In fact, a recent survey showed ‘health’ as the number one reason young people are drinking less.

Alcohol consumption can lead to severe medical conditions such as heart disease, liver disease etc but also, on a more superficial level, can simply contribute to weight gain and bad skin.

Millennials are taking their hangovers seriously, putting it under the microscope and considering whether it’s actually benefiting them drinking to the point of excess.