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Top Influencers To Follow For When Going Sober

So you've decided, for whatever reason, that you'd like to test out the sober world. Whether it's just during the week, you're doing a month off the booze or you're making the switch for a longer period of time - there are simple places you can start. And the simplest of them all if you're a big social media user, is to clean out who you're following on instagram a little and top it back up with accounts that are going to make you feel great about going sober.

Sometimes it's hard to pull out the best people, so we've done the hard work for you and pulled out twelve of our favourite influencers who also happen to be in the sober world for you to check out:

McFly's drummer Harry and his wife, Britains Got Talent finalist and exceptionally talented Violinist, Izzy are a power couple championing of the mindful way of a more sober life. Harry has been openly sober for over ten years now after finding drinking and other substances were seriously impacting his mental health. Izzy and Harry both use their social media platforms to discuss mental health & anxiety, and how they use mindfulness and exercise to help manage well as share moments with their three adorable kids!

Founded by Emily Syphas, Sober and Social is a community of like-minded individuals looking to explore a teetotal lifestyle. They celebrate empowerment and celebration enabling their community to live their healthiest and happiest life through events, content, and general sober support. Emily is passionate about changing the way society perceives the way we should drink and both channels are definitely worth a follow!

A mocktail mixing master, and we're not just saying this - earlier this year Emma won the Mocktail Masters Contest! Make sure you're following Emma for lots of cocktail concoctions and plenty of recommendations for events and businesses to keep up with!

Emma Sober Sonic
Emma Sober Sonic

Katie's instagram is full of advice surrounding sobriety, mental health and everything in between. She was recently interviewed by @merlotfreemelody on her podcast 'Hi, I'm Sober' so give that a listen for a little more about her story. We're particularly enjoying Katie's Reels where she addresses some of the stereotypes around going sober as well as her transformation since making the switch. The best bit, Katie tried and tested our Mavrik cocktails and loved them - which means she must have great taste 😉.

Kate is a Peri Menopause and Menopause wellbeing coach who took the decision in January 2021 to quit the drink, lockdown hadn't been a good environment for Kate's drinking habits and she has found a life without alcohol liberating rather than the opposite. Head to Kate's instagram for her amazing archive of HIIT classes as well as sober advice, menopause education and advice and generally to see her great positive attitude in the face of everything thrown at her.

Self-proclaimed retired party girl, host of @theposipod podcast where Meg and @merlotfreemelody chat to their sober guests about their own stories, experiences and top tips for a life without alcohol. Meg and Melody also organise some lovely alcohol free get togethers in Southampton area - so a chance for some face to face socialising too!

Dave Wilson is a one to one coach supporting those on their sober journey. Dave himself quit drinking in 2019 after hitting near rock bottom. Dave hosts the One For The Road podcast and is an ambassador for @alcoholchangeuk. His instagram is full of snippets from inspirational interviews, useful content and great partnership.

For all the Millennials and Gen-z's trying out a sober lifestyle there is hands down no-one better to follow than founder of @sobergirlsociety Millie. Millie started the society back in 2018 to show the world that you can still live a fun and fulfilled life without the booze. This is now one of the largest communities of sober women on the planet and provides resources, tips and events for anyone kicking the bottle.

Head over to Teri's instagram for positive posts, relatable quotes, inspirational before and after pictures and long-format insightful captions! For all of you parents looking to quit the booze and are sick of content about pouring wine as soon as the kids are in bed - make sure you're following Teri for a more relatable side of parenting in this new world!

Sassy Sober Mum Instagram
Sassy Sober Mum

Sarah calls herself a sober cheerleader, championing those making the switch and sharing her tips and advice through her instagram and as a guest blogger for She is also 1/3 of the @sobergirlbookclub where anyone can join a monthly zoom call to chat about the latest read, and are often joined by the author themselves!

Best-selling author and columnist, Bryony is not secretive about her recovery from alcoholism and cocaine use. She openly shares her most shocking antics and, now many years down the sober journey, Bryony is able to be a spokesperson for the alcohol free movement. Founder of @mentalhealthmates and ambassador for @actiononaddiction. Head to her Instagram for an unfiltered insight into her life and her inspirational approach to raising awareness of mental health. If you're loving Bryony you could also buy her amazing books Glorious Rock Bottom and The Wrong Knickers.

Hopefully the sober world now feels a little less like the 'road less trodden' and instead you can see the amazing community of inspirational people and the opportunities for new friends and adventures, and don't forget that Mavrik is with you every step of the way!

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