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What is meant by the term "Alcohol-free"?

Here we quote from "Club Soda" one of the more informed Low and No category experts

"The terminology used about alcohol-free drinks in the UK is inconsistent and badly needs to be reviewed. Descriptions of drinks as “alcohol-free”, “de-alcoholised”, “non-alcoholic”, and “low alcohol” have very little in common with what consumers see on the bottles and cans they buy and are the cause of significant confusion. Following the growing international consensus, we consider alcohol-free” or “no alcohol” to mean any drink at 0.5% ABV or under.

Definitions of “low alcohol” are even more ambiguous. In the absence of any agreed thresholds, we consider  low alcohol beers and ciders to be under 3%, wines under 8%, and spirits with an ABV less than half of the usual alcoholic drink strength.

We would also like to note that food products and drinks in the soft drink category do not have to add ABV to their labels, despite products in this space often being 0.5% or above.

Do Mavrik drinks contain alcohol?

As detailed above all Mavrik drinks are considered to be non-alcoholic. Due to the process we use to extract the best possible flavours from their natural hosts some drinks do contain a small trace of alcohol which is similar to that of an orange juice, or a ripe banana .

Do Mavrik drinks contain artificial sweetners?

No, we only use natural sugars and sweetners 

Is it OK to drink Mavrik if I am pregnant or on medication?

Mavrik drinks are considered non-alcoholic and suitable for those not able to drink alcohol. However we would be irresponsible not to say that expectant Mums should always ask their doctor before imbibing!!!

Is it OK to drive after drinking Mavrik ?

All our Drinks are considered non-alcoholic and we heard someone say "you were more likely to drown in Mavrik before getting drunk". However please don't drink and drive, we have put lots of hard work into these drinks and we would hate you to spill any.

Where can I find the nutritional data for each drink?

All the nutritional values are kept on the back of the cans and they are also in the shop area of this site

If you have a question that we've not answered in our FAQs then feel free to reach out to us for your answer.

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