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Kate Rowe-Ham's Sober Journey

We were delighted to sit down with health and fitness connoisseur Kate Rowe-Ham recently. Kate is an incredible peri-to-post menopause fitness coach running live workouts over Instagram during (and beyond) the pandemic lockdowns, plus she’s been featured by the likes of Women’s Health Magazine, the One for the Road podcast with Sober Dave, the Evening Standard and Women’s Fitness.

Kate discussed her journey to sobriety on a recent podcast interview. Like many of us, her relationship with alcohol during lockdown wasn’t initially a positive one. Kate took up the opportunity that Dry January provided to take a step back from the drink and hasn’t looked back since.

We wanted to dig a little further into this decision and invited Kate for a chat where we discussed everything from why she chose to go sober, the social challenges (and benefits) she has encountered so far and her top tips for others looking to start their sobriety journey...

So, to kick things off, how long have you been sober for now Kate?

I’ve been sober for almost 10 months now, I started in Dry January 2021.

And why was it that you decided that you needed to shift your approach to drinking?

I have a very addictive personality and alcohol didn’t work well with that. I’d also researched the impact of alcohol on menopause symptoms and found that not drinking could really help me with these too.