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Being Mavrik is about being true to yourself, not concerned about what others might think but just being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about making positive choices, not just for your own health and wellbeing but for the world at large.


Whether that means cutting down on those alcohol moments or avoiding it altogether is up to you – but it’s nice to know there is a great-tasting healthy non-alcoholic cocktail for you to enjoy – and feel good about the following morning too!

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Giving your bodies and minds a rest and a ‘spring clean’, be it for a long weekend or even for a month such as ‘Sober October’ or ‘Dry January’, the opportunities to join friends in staying off the hard stuff are numerous and varied – and we all know it works! Try Mavrik as a healthy alternative.


Be it a marathon, a triathlon, a ‘Tough Mudder’ or almost any arduous challenge, there is a huge ream of scientific evidence to suggest that you should give up alcohol for a decent period of time ahead of the event - and give your body the maximum possible chance to succeed.


Tough on the one hand but on the other, not only will you sleep better but you can still regularly enjoy your favourite Mavrik cocktail.

Mavrik Non Alcoholic Cocktails
Mavrik Non Alcoholic G&T Cocktail


We all know that alcohol provides that enjoyable lift to us on an evening out with friends and there’s little wrong with that when consumed in moderation.  However it’s less well known that alcohol is a powerful depressant and can have a damaging effect on your mental health when drunk either too regularly or in too large a quantity.

Be wise; everything in moderation (except for consuming Mavrik cocktails of course).


Trying to lose weight or reduce your BMI? Then you might be interested to know that 3 mid-sized glasses of wine (or 3 pints of beer) consumed on two successive evenings equates to 1,000 calories – to burn that off you would need to run circa 12 kms (or 7.5 miles) at a reasonable pace.


In contrast the number of calories in one can of Mavrik is less than one third of that in a pint of beer – happy days!

Mavrik Non Alcoholic Dark & Stormy Cocktail
Mavrik - Non Alcoholic Cocktails


As much as a pregnant mum might want to knock back a few glasses of wine and join in the fun of a boozy night out; it’s simply not advised as we all know.


For all those ladies out there expecting a little one, it’s good to know that you don’t need to compromise on taste by drinking a Mavrik cocktail – and as for the fun, well, just be yourself and let your hair down; no one will be complaining after all.

Choosing to drink a non alcoholic drink has always been a relatively limiting decision, with the drink options left for you being sweet, boring or unhealthy.  With options like our non-alcoholic cocktails behind the bar, or in the fridge, picking this Mavrik lifestyle has never been easier.

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