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The Origins of the Pornstar Martini: Tracing the Roots of the Iconic Cocktail

The stylish cocktail was created by a chap called Douglas Ankrah, a mixologist at the centre of London’s trendiest bar scene, and the master behind iconic bars LAB and Townhouse. Originally named the Maverick Martini after the Maverick’s Gentleman Club - a frequent haunt of Ankrah’s when he was in Cape Town, Ankrah describes the idea for the cocktail as a complete accident. The eureka moment came when he was working on his book ‘Shaken and Stirred’ and getting ready to open his London bar, Townhouse. Born from the belief that bars should be bold, playful and sexy, Ankrah wanted to create a drink for the bar that embodied those three qualities. Its title changed to Pornstar Martini on his return to London. Evocative, alluring and confident - it got its name simply because Ankrah thought of it as something a pornstar would drink. The cheeky name provokes a reaction, and a reaction is what he got.

Mavrik Non Alcoholic cocktails have spent many months developing their Non Alcoholic version and have called it a Passion Star martini, (a virgin pornstar) their non alcoholic version of this classic cocktail. Keeping the passion fruit and vanilla flavours to the fore and in addition to including some secret ingredients they have used a nitrogen widget so the drink has a silky smooth taste profile straight from the can.


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