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Exploring the Origins and Evolution of the Espresso Martini

The honour of this deliciously smooth cocktail invention goes to British bartending guru Dick Bradsell. He is credited with revolutionising the cocktail scene in London in the 1980s, through his work at bars such as The Player, 6 Degrees and Match.

The story goes that Bradsell created the drink which he originally called The Vodka Espresso then the Pharmaceutical Stimulant – at Fred’s Club in the late 1980s. A young model, who Bradsell claims is now world famous, possibly Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell, sidled up to the bar and asked for something to “wake me up and f**k me up”. His solution was a combination of vodka, the old grounds from a coffee machine, coffee liqueur and sugar, shaken into a frothy mix of bittersweet addiction.

Mavrik Non Alcoholic cocktails have spent months tasting the various variations of the original and have come up with a Non Alcoholic version that they believe is better than the original. They have used two types of coffee, vanilla, dark chocolate, various other secret ingredients and a nitro widget to give you a smooth velvity taste profile straight from the can.


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