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What makes a Great Mavrik Mocktail?

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

A range of 6 Mavrik Mocktails
6 Mavrik Non Alcoholic Cocktails

For those who like to drink alcohol, cocktails are just one fun, fancy way to consume the stuff. But what if your alcohol consumption is zero? What if you are pregnant, driving, not able to consume alcohol for medical reasons, are training for a marathon or one of the 30% of millenials who just dont drink, This is where you'll need a Mavrik Mocktail !

Virgin drinks have been on the rise in recent years, with creativity going off the scale to cater for non-alcoholic needs. But what exactly is a 'mocktail'? Let's get into it...

What is a Mocktail?

The online dictionary defines a mocktail as, "usually an iced drink made with various ingredients (such as juice, herbs, and soda water) but without alcohol : a non-alcoholic cocktail".

To put it even more simply, a mocktail is a cocktail without the alcohol. Despite this omission, mocktails have a rich heritage that's created some classics like the Virgin Mojito, Venetian Spritz, Storm and Spice and the non alcoholic G&T.

What makes a Great Mavrik Cocktail?

A great Mavrik Mocktail recipe contains a whole host of ingredients (excluding alcohol, of course), meaning they're not just juice and lemonade and they are not terribly sweet either. If you're a non-drinker, you don't have to make do with soft drinks or a lemon and lime soda on a night out. There's a whole world of drink creativity to discover. Mavrik drinks have created a range of low sugar, low calorie Mocktails that mimic their alcoholic cousins. When you are next out and not drinking for any reason, ask for a Mavrik Mocktail and make sure you have some in for any friends.

Mavrik aromatic G&T being poured into a glass
Mavrik Aromatic G&T


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