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How to Successfully Tackle Sober October: 5 Practical Tips from Anna Sudbury The Stop Drinking Coach

1) Congrats! If you've committed to a month of ditching the drink, you've also committed to a scientific experiment, with your body hosting some amazing changes. Stay curious about what these look like - notice if your sleep improves, if your skin looks clearer, or if your jeans fit better. Notice your mood and your energy levels, and see just how quickly positive changes become apparent.

2) On day 1, write down a list of five things you are looking forward to in Sober October. If you go through the month with a mentality of just getting through til 1st November, you'll have a pretty grim month. If you choose to embrace the things that alcohol gets in the way of - that 8am Saturday morning yoga class, actively playing with the kids, making nourishing meals, smashing your 5k time, reading (and remembering) a book, pottering in the garden - you'll let in so much more.

3) Notice how much money you are saving - not just on drink, but on late night food, 11pm Ubers and anything else. At the end of the month, treat yourself to something you love. Maybe it's a splurge in Waterstones (my fave way to spend money), a manicure, or new sneakers from Vinted. Now imagine that saving multiplying over future weeks and months...what would you buy next?! 4) Remember that it may take time for your mind and body to reset, your sleep patterns to readjust and for your mood to stabilise. Alcohol is a depressant and it disrupts your brain chemistry - so be extra gentle to yourself in your early days. Eat nourishing meals, move your body in a way you love, and fill your cup with joyful activities. Treat yourself like you are your own best friend to set yourself up for success.

5) Get a community behind you. Check out #sobercurious hashtags on social, join my free sober October Facebook group, team up with your mates or check out some 'quit lit'. There is a ton of support out there for you on this adventure, lean in, soak it up, and enjoy the amazing benefits of reassessing your relationship with alcohol.

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