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Updated: Jan 14, 2022

The Mavrik team are delighted to share that three of our delicious virgin cocktails can now be found at four of the amazing Daylesford stores across the Cotswolds and London.

Daylesford is one of the UK’s best loved farm shop retailers. They have an exceptional reputation for carefully selecting and bringing their customers only the highest quality products. What began as a simple passion for real food and drink alongside a desire to feed their children better has grown into the Daylesford we all know today, one of the UK's most well-known and prestigious grocery stores.

Which Daylesford Stores Can You Find Mavriks?

Daylesford are embracing the move towards non-alcoholic drinks, being recently featured in an article covering the 10 Places to Find Non Alcoholic Drinks this January.

“At the outset, we wanted Mavrik to be made available in as many of the best independent stores in the country - and few would deny that Daylesford is right at the top of this list.”, said Hugo Norman, co-founder of Mavrik.

Not only are we excited to be working with the Daylesford team, this also marks Mavrik drinks hitting the London scene on a much larger scale than ever before. This month we have grown our presence in London by 300%, and the Daylesford Farm Shop is our first outlet in the beautiful Cotswold countryside.

So if you’re visiting the Cotswolds this month, or strolling around Central or West London, make sure to pop into your closest Daylesford branch and pick up a Mavrik for Dry January!

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