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At Mavrik we like doing things differently.

Black Friday's just not for us, so we've turned it on it's head and launched Mavrik Monday! 🙃

Mavrik Monday

Mavrik Monday is all about celebrating friendship, so we're offering you 25% off a Mavrik Gift Pack (or two) for any friend you'd like to treat. Just use the code FRIEND25 when placing your order for your friend(s).

PLUS, if you are that thoughtful person who sends a pack of Mavrik to your friend - well, we're treating you to 15% off for yourself too!

The offer is valid until Thursday 2nd December so hurry, hurry! 🏃🏃


✨ When buying for a friend or family member use the code FRIEND25 to secure your discount

✨ All orders must be placed by midnight 2nd December 2021

✨ Once you've placed your order for a friend, you will receive an email with your own special discount code

✨ Address for a friend or family member must be different to the billing address

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